International Hypertension Day, May 17th 2023

The prevalence of hypertension varies across regions and country income groups. The WHO African Region has the highest prevalence of hypertension (27%) while the WHO Region of the Americas has the lowest prevalence of hypertension (18%). In Cameroon, out of a population of nearly 27,2 million inhabitants, arterial hypertension (HTA) affects 35% of the population. More than 17,000 of them die each year and one in three men suffers from it (MoH ; Cameroonian Heart Foundation). This disease is therefore responsible for a high death rate in Cameroon. Worse, this figure could rise to 40% by 2025 if nothing is done.


As part of this celebration, the Center for the Development of Best Practice in Health and Ccohrane Cameroon, propose these summaries of Cochrane systematic reviews aiming to inform the patients, medical staff and others stakeholders on this disease.

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mai, 2023
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